Techniques to help you Make Money

3 Techniques to help you Make Money

Being effective is key to achieving consistency in your business. As an entrepreneur you can’t afford to have your time compromised by trial and error or tasks that don’t father your goals.  Unfortunately, both of these things are necessary evils of maintaining a business. Because of this entrepreneurs have to be creative find methods and techniques that allow them to be productive.

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This article will cover 3 techniques that you can use as an entrepreneur to move your business forward.  These techniques can be applied to getting new business, maintaining contact with your networking, being active on social media or positioning your company’s brand to succeed.  Whatever you decide to do with these techniques to make money, remember to be flexible in how you apply them to make your business more efficient.

Rapportive Email technique

Rapportive is an extremely useful add-on for your Gmail.  It allows you to find the exact email address that people are using, you use this to your advantages to directly contact business professionals in your niche.  This allows you to skip gatekeepers and directly contact decision makers.

Rapportive works by letting you know which email is associated with a person’s LinkedIn account.  You figure this out by trying out potential versions of a persons email until you get a confirmation.  For example, to find CEO David Morris’s email, you would enter multiple versions of his possible emails in Rapportive until you find a match.  For example:

[email protected]

[email protected]’

[email protected]

[email protected]

Eventually you will find a match for David Morris and you’ll be able to contact him directly.  This is an extremely useful tactic for contacting people that seem “out of reach”.   This is also a great way to warm up prospects before making a phone call.  With a solid sales strategy, you can easily make money with this tactic.


Email technique


LinkedIn professional free trial

LinkedIn professional is a great business tool that you can have starting at $120 a month.  Although it’s a bit pricy, this tool’s functionalities can have a strong impact on your business.

With LinkedIn recruiter accounts you can directly message people without having to connect with them first.  This is another tactic that will help you refine your recruiting process.  You can set up meetings and pitch ideas to specific people directly.  You can easily earn online with this strategy.


LinkedIn professional free trial


If it’s your first time upgrading a LinkedIn account, LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial.  You can spend a few days lining up prospects before starting the trial and then spend a focused 30 days reaching out to niche related leaders.  This tactic of reaching targeted people in your niche has powerful potential that would make paying the $120 well worth it.

iMacros for semi manual un-following

Manually managing your social media accounts can be quite tedious.  It requires a lot of time from in order to build a social account over time. As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to waste your time doing repetitive tasks such as following people.

iMacros scripts turn manually managing your social accounts into a semi manual job.  You can complete tasks like following, un-following and liking tweets.  These actions let you engage with targeted people as you build your account.  For example you can find a popular account in your niche and use an iMacros script to follow all of the people that follow them.  Since the people that follow the popular account already have an interest in your niche, they are more likely to follow you back.

To create an iMacro script you can watch videos like the one below and teach yourself.  Otherwise you can hire a freelancer with experience to create a custom script for you. This is a great way to automate processes that help you make money but take too much time.



The more tools and techniques you know about, the easier your job will be.  According to Kartikeya Sharma, as an entrepreneur it’s up to you to use everything at your disposal in an organized manner to help achieve your goals.  The 3 tactics discussed in this article can help you with branding your company, getting new business, creating your own online job and saving time on basic tasks.  Be creative in how you apply these tools to your business and use them to increase how effective your days are.


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