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8 Reasons: Why Trademark Searches are Important to Every Business

Establishing a business requires a considerable amount of investment of resources- monetary and otherwise and needs a focused and effective strategy for increasing its visibility among people for building a substantial customer base.

One such instrument that can be of huge benefit to any enterprise is a trademark which provides exposure at nominal costs. In this article, we will discuss the various factors that make it essential for entrepreneurs to conduct trademark searches for business.

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1. Prevention of Confusion

Every company wants to create a distinct image for its products and if an owner moves ahead and finalizes the symbol for the new enterprise without checking if the same or similar design is already in operation, then the purpose might be defeated. Launching services with a mark that is already visible in the market may create confusion among clients with most opting for the older one which will prove detrimental to the new product. Moreover, registered marks enjoy government protection and in case of duplication, the transgressor may be sued by the rightful owner who may demand substantial monetary compensation.

2. Useful Marketing Tool


Marketing strategy


A thoughtfully designed sign which reflects the company’s philosophy and is synchronized with the marketing strategy can be an effective instrument for popularizing a product. The unique identity that it gives helps consumers remember the associated product and identify it among the other items in the same category. This recognition among the target audience is valuable and much sought after by business owners as it aids in the augmentation of the user base. Choosing a symbol that is completely original and is not being used by anyone else hence becomes important from the angle of marketing strategy too.

3. Brand Loyalty

It takes a substantial amount of time for a service to create a dedicated following among clients and a logo can provide invaluable assistance in this regard. Investing in a symbol of this nature signifies to the client as well as the workforce that the business has been created with a long-term vision and is committed to performing well. This persuades consumers to opt for the product over other available choices and on finding the experience fruitful they will use it again in the future. The brand loyalty thus generated goes a long way in establishing a business.

4. Effective Safeguard


Effective Safeguard


It is vital to carry out relevant trademark searches for business before incorporation because an unused symbol provides significant security to the label in question. In this age of internet and social media, a distinctive icon is a potent marketing device but they are also prone to misrepresentation. Every social network has detailed protection policies in place for registered trademarks and they can be exercised for the protection of the company’s image.

5. Aids in Diversification

Once an organization establishes itself as a leader in its domain and the associated logos and symbols also become popular among the people, it can help in the expansion of the organization. The enterprise can move into a completely new business vertical with the well-known sign advertising its credibility and dependability to the consumers of the domain. It makes it easy for attracting customers towards the new offering in a short period of time which otherwise is a tough and time taking job.

6. Helps in Hiring


Helps in Hiring


Another reason for approaching trademark registration services for ensuring the originality of the chosen symbol is the support it can provide for the recruitment of the personnel. A prospective employee looks for stability and opportunities of growth in an institution while the employer wants a productive and professional workforce. A respected brand is preferred by consumers as well as job seekers as they want to benefit from the good values associated with it. This helps in attracting the cream of the talent towards an organization and also in retaining them.

7. Lifetime Validity

Lifetime Validity

Once granted, these identification devices never expire provided the owner keeps furnishing data proving that they are in active use. Investing in one makes sense as the branding and marketing advantages they bring along with themselves are immense as compared to the low costs involved. A long-standing symbol becomes closely identified with the corporation’s values and the trust it has earned over the years. The benefits of good branding and high recall value are too significant to ignore for any entrepreneur.

8. Low Cost

Registering a symbol does not involve a significant amount of investment and what should be of particular interest to an entrepreneur is that the asset can be retained for as long as the company remains in business. Professional help in the form of trademark registration services is required which help in conducting the relevant searches and in the incorporation procedure thereafter. The fees charged by such agencies are also not substantial and hiring them ensures the securing of an asset that will be helpful in generating good returns.


Trademark searches for business must be an essential part of the planning of a venture as the identification and acquisition of distinctive logo arms the new corporate entity with a powerful branding and marketing tool.

George Dille is a Business expert at Business Ventures India Ltd, a company that provides online company registration services in India in a convenient manner. He is a professional writer and loves to share the Business related topic.

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