A Look at Some of the Best Short Certificate Programs that Pay Well-min

A Look at Some of the Best Short Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Before you read through this article, make sure you have gone through the first part of this article that you can find here. We have discussed many lucrative short certificate programs that pay well in that post too, which you can become in as less as a few weeks to a few months.

But as there are many more, we will be covering some of the better ones in this post. So without further ado, let’s get started.


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Short Certificate Programs that Pay Well
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Transportation Manager

Unlike some of the other certificate courses that pay well, a transportation manager’s salary is usually well over $80,000. However, it’s important to note that it may take about a few years of on-the-job training to get this kind of salary. Initially, your salary may be considerably lower.

A transportation manager’s job doesn’t have much of a technical edge to it, but it’s fairly demanding physically. As a transportation manager, you will be responsible for the delivery of all the goods being shipped from your warehouse or company’s shipping unit. It would be your job to make sure the shipping and delivery process is smooth and efficient.


Transportation Manager-min


Transportation managers typically work for warehouse owners, companies in the manufacturing and freight industries, as well as government agencies. While the job doesn’t have any stringent requirements, knowledge of the safety procedures, different ways of shipping and national or state regulations is a must.
However, it may take considerably longer to get certified as a transport manager or as a professional in the logistics industry, but it may be well worth it as the salary can be much higher.

Automotive Mechanic

The demand for cars never seems to slow down, making automotive mechanic a solid career option for anyone that loves cars. Of course, however, the love for cars isn’t the only requirement.

Besides having a postsecondary nondegree award, you would also have to complete a 6-month course to become an automotive mechanic. However, that isn’t too big of a requirement either for a reliable career option with a median salary of $39,550 or $19.02 per hour, and a growth rate of about 6% per year.

Most automotive mechanics work for automobile dealers, with a large number of them being a part of automobile repair and maintenance industry. Unlike some of the other more specific professions in the industry, automotive mechanics are more of a generalist and deal with pretty much everything that has to do with repairing and inspecting a vehicle.

The demand for skilled mechanics is always there as we live in a car-driven society. After all, even some of the most routine and common things like replacing a car’s air filter or changing the car’s oil turn out to be overwhelming for the average car owner.


Automotive Mechanic-min


Needless to say, it’s one of the few jobs that’s fairly resistant to recessions, so it definitely makes a lot of sense for someone looking to have a stable career.

Cyber Security Professional

With hacking attacks on the rise, a new profession has emerged in recent years: cybersecurity. It’s one of the better professions to get into in the IT industry, as cybersecurity services and professionals are in high demand.

The industry is small but growing and very lucrative. Companies that have very important data and information to protect hire cybersecurity services to prevent any possibility of hacking attempts on their servers. They don’t mind paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars every month to cybersecurity services, as protecting their data is a crucial part of their business.

However, this also ensures a great salary to anyone that manages to break into this industry. Some of the better professionals in the industry are paid well over $100,000 a year, and the increase in salary is pretty good as well.

But you would want to take into consideration the fact that becoming a cybersecurity professional may take longer than a few months. It isn’t exactly one of the short certificate programs that pay well, but if you’re willing to put in a bit more time, then the rewards may certainly be well worth it.


Cyber Security Professional-min


As a cybersecurity professional, you will be responsible for safeguarding and protecting the data of your employer or clients from hackers. It goes without saying that the job would involve working with extremely sophisticated technologies and high-level coding systems. This profession is only an option for you if you have a way with coding; if you don’t enjoy coding, look elsewhere as this profession is all about coding and advanced technologies.

Good Paying Jobs Without High School Diploma

While we just discussed some of the best short certificate programs that pay well, we think it would only be fair to some of the readers reading this post to also talk about some good paying jobs that also don’t demand a high school diploma.

Let’s take a quick look at two of the better options below.

Heavy Truck Driver

While most employers prefer their truck drivers to have a high school diploma or some degree, this usually isn’t considered to be the most important requirement. If you have a perfectly clean driving record and the required licenses to work as a heavy truck driver, employers may choose to overlook your lack of high school education.

It’s certainly a very well-paying job with a median salary of well over $40,000 and a career growth rate of about 5% per year.


Heavy Truck Driver-min


Homecare Help

While this isn’t exactly a very attractive career option, it barely has any major requirements except for a great bedside manner. It’s also growing at a great rate, with an annual growth rate of about 30%.

The median salary is only about $22,000, but with some experience, it may go up fairly quickly.

This job would basically involve feeding, bathing and helping patients with their daily activities.

Customer Support

As generic as it may sound, customer support jobs are always available in abundance throughout the world. And the good thing about them is that many of them don’t even require you to travel to your employer’s office; your employer may as well be based in some other country, and you can still handle the customer support for them just as effectively.

The pay can vary greatly for these jobs, but they typically aren’t lower than $10 or $12 per hour and increase as you get more experienced or manage to get hired by a bigger employer.

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