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A Look at Some of the Better Jobs for 12 Year Olds That Pay

In the first part of this article we took a detailed look at 3 jobs for 12 year olds that pay. Do go through it if you already haven’t to find three great jobs for 12 year olds that pay well.

However, as mentioned in the conclusion part of that article, there are a few more good ones that you may certainly want to consider as well.

Similarly, there are a few important things to keep in mind when letting your child take up their first job, and you need to be aware of them all. So in this article, we will walk you through those things as well as help you find some more interesting jobs for 12 year olds that pay.

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Legal Limitations


There are some legal limitations that prevent 12 year olds from working at many traditional jobs that their slightly older counterparts are eligible for. You would need to keep this in mind in order to avoid getting into any kind of legal trouble.

Of course, it may be a matter of just a few years before your 12 year old is legally allowed to work in those jobs as well. However, for now, they will have to limit themselves to small jobs that may not pay as much as the ones that allow older kids.


Getting Hired


While it may seem that the hiring and job-searching process can be a bit too challenging due to the limited number of jobs available, it usually turns out to be fairly easy. Some kids also decide to start their own small business, and that too is something easier than you may think.

If your child is looking to work at a job, though, you can make a list of the type of jobs they can and would like to do by doing some searching and research at our website. You can then try to find if any of those jobs are available in your neighborhood, or you can just go ask some of your good neighbors.

There are also employment posters in pretty much all states, and they make it easy to find jobs available for 16 year olds and 12 year olds alike.


Are There Any Limitations With Respect to the Earnings?

small business1

There are no legal restrictions on how much a 12 year old can earn doing such small jobs, but the pay is usually considerably less than other more traditional jobs available to older kids. A 12 year old can expect to make anywhere between $5 to upwards of $10, depending on the kind of work they are willing to perform.

However, a lot also depends on their employer, as determining the rate is usually only between the employer and your child. They may get a lower rate while working for one of your neighbors, and a higher rate working for another neighbor for the same job. Your 12 year old may have to experiment a bit with respect to the pricing of their services, in order to figure out what price range works best for them.


A Quick List of Jobs for 12 Year Olds That Pay


As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few jobs that accept 15 year olds, 14 year olds and even 12 year olds. While we did cover some of the better, more common ones in our previous article on this topic, we will also walk you through the many others that may be worth considering as well.


Teaching or Tutoring


Teaching or Tutoring1

While these are typically jobs 16 year olds do, but it may not be very difficult to work as a tutor for a 12 year old as well, given they are mature enough. Many times, 12 year olds have skills or a talent that their younger peers can benefit from. Be it math or skateboarding, if your 12 year old is extraordinarily better at something for his age, there may be parents of younger kids interested in hiring your child as a tutor.

Something to note here though is that your child would need to be able to demonstrate their skills or show grades that convince the employing parents that your child would be a good teacher for their younger one.

As far as the earnings are concerned, these jobs are one of the better-paying ones for 12 year olds. A 12 year old with decent skills can make $8 and more per hour as a tutor.


Light Outdoor Cleaning


Light Outdoor Cleaning an option for 12 year olds1


Although the more demanding cleaning jobs are not an option for 12 year olds, some of them do work jobs that involve light outdoor cleaning. There are usually plenty of such opportunities available; all you need to do is simply look around your home’s surrounding.

Someone may have flower beds to clean while some other neighbor would gladly want to hire your child for light window cleaning. These are usually not very demanding jobs, pay well and are available easily.

However, these jobs typically pay per job and not by the hour. A 12 year old may be able to make $25 or more for a job that requires them to work for 3 hours. As your child gets a little experienced and does more jobs, the opportunities may grow as well.


Attic and Basement Cleaning Jobs


Attic and Basement Cleaning Jobs1


These are similar to the type of jobs we discussed above, but not as easy to find. However, you can get around that by printing fliers and giving them out to your neighbors.

That said, your little one will need to be prepared to work really hard on this one though. There’s usually a lot of cleaning that needs to be done and a ton of junk to be taken care of.

A 12 year old can expect to make $8 or more for each hour they spend working such a job.


Helping Neighbors Sell Unwanted Items


Many neighbors want to hold garage sales to get rid of their unwanted items and make some cash doing so, but are not willing to go through the trouble. So, your 12 year old may be interested in making an opportunity out of this by offering to hold a garage sale for your neighbors.

They can simply go to them and ask if they would like setting up a garage sale. This can be a fairly easy and fun job to do, given they are good at talking to people. You may have to do some sales and advertising stuff though, such as putting up signs. The rest is pretty much about setting up the merchandise.

If your child turns out to be good at it, they may soon become the go-to garage sales guy in your neighborhood, making great, consistent money.

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