Perfect Resume writing

Best Practices for Perfect Resume writing

Building a powerful resume is a no easy task! From your past work history to the content, to your technical or non-technical skills, it’s hard to gauge which will get your application noticed and which will toss you out.

Since the job market is over flooding, the competition of having the desired job will be stiff. However, the resumes that are simple, impressive and show briefness rein excellence. After all, it will be the first thing that can break or make your chances of landing a dream position.

So, add all information smartly, and you’re on the way to land in a job interview!

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If you are looking for a spotless resume, have a look at some of the worth-considering tips to avoid any fall:

Pro tip: Showcase your strengths and experiences while minimizing your weaknesses.

The format is a must!

Pat attention to the format of the resume! The header should be in standard size while the main body should be aligned.


resume format

Although design matter, you don’t want to make your resume a canvas to showcase your designing skills. A smooth, clear, precise and suave one is enough to make it grab attention. You can highlight the key things to make them jarring the interviewer. However, make sure to keep it standard. Use bold, italics, etc. to get some eyes.

Still confused? Look for resume templates and can also seek help from resume services to do the job.

Pick Content Smartly..

Be very precise and selective with your content! You don’t have to list every job on your resume. If you are working at some place for quite some years, bring-it-on, otherwise skip adding on a resume.

If you have recently graduated, skip the minor internships that are not related to your job.

Nobody wants to look your soft skills, so skip that ‘quick learner’ and ‘hard-working’ thing and put something relevant.

Don’t Put-Up Any Job Gaps..

If there’s any job gap, make sure to explain that. You can use volunteer work or temporary jobs to fill those gaps. Gaps in the job can raise a question about why the seeker has been free for some duration. If there’s any gap in your job, explain!

Explain, what you did when you were not employed? Were you doing freelancing or have been consulting with someone. Were you studying or perhaps volunteering? All these things also count as a part of the work, just list them!

Make sure not to lie, as it will haunt back to you. Many employers verify work history, and if you put wrong information, this can land you in a tough situation.

Highlight Qualification…

Folk! You have got the degree, then why not showcasing it!

Don’t put things in paragraphs, use boxes, bullet points, and key points to put any information. And if you are putting up your qualifications make sure to include an accurate summary of everything. Put job titles, descriptions, duties that match the skills that you have highlighted in your resume.

Make it Professional…

Don’t go for trendy and quirky headings. Keep it simple and professional. Use headings that need no explanation.  Use titles that would force the interview to read the content.

Showcase your Performances:

This section is mainly to showcase what you’ve accomplished. It’s a place where you can tailor your skills, awards, benchmarks, milestones, certificates and other things. Mention every bit and a piece of why you have been promoted, how you have to lead a high-end project.

Do a Spell Check and Grammar Check!

One more biggie! Some recruiters will show you the door once they find any grammatical mistake or any other error in your resume. Yes! It’s painful.

To avoid this, make sure to thoroughly read your resume and not only this, ask your friend to do the same for you.

Watch your tenses, if something on your resume is in the past, use only past tense like organized, delivered, and managed. However, if you are still in the game, or are active in the same role, use present tense like manage, deliver and much more.

Avoid I, Me or My:

 Using the first person sometimes feel like self-praising! So try refraining from words like I, Me or My. Try to rephrase things. For instance, if you want to write, ‘I have exceeded the sales of the company’ then write it, ‘exceeded the sales of the company.’

Make It Readable and Visually Appealing…

To make a resume look appealing, we end up using tough vocabulary and phrases that are out of the box, so avoid that! Keep it simple so that it would be easy to read! Make titles bold and use bullets.

Think Why You Should Be Hired!

Make sure to put yourself at the forefront! Don’t hesitate to showcase your skills, likes, interests and what makes you unique. Highlight that your personality is perfect for the job.

Don’t Fluff Content:

Don’t fluff your resume; there’s no place for anything unprofessional in your resume. If you have relevant skills and qualifications, your entire resume should focus on that. However, if you have any weakness, don’t try to highlight them. Use right keywords and focus on eliminating irreverent information.

Industry Keywords


Do you Know Other Languages?

Ah! The plus! Add all languages you know. However, if you know the only basic language, use proficiency terms like basic, native or intermediate. For instance Spanish (native), English (Fluent), French (Basic).


Don’t think yourself as a proficient! You can also make mistakes and silly grammar errors. Proofread thoroughly once or twice.

Include Contact Information:

It is essential to put up all contact information so that the employer can get in touch with you. Also include your full name, city, state, zip, phone number, street address, email address and other relevant information. If you have any link to the web or any professional blog or website, put that too.

Having an impressive resume is the one thing that can turn odds in your favor so spent some time on it and put things correctly. Use above-tips to create the first impression. It is difficult to retain everything in a one-shot, so use key points to highlight important info.

Lastly, make sure to save it in a pdf format!

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