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Finding the Right High Quality Video Camera for Your Needs


Choosing the right high quality video camera can be quite challenging, given that there are several different types of them out there. Not only that, but they also vary quite a bit in terms of pretty much everything, ranging from the size and capabilities to the price.

However, the buying process can be made considerably easier by simply figuring out your exact needs. Basically, you would just want to figure out what you would usually be shooting with the video camera, and how you will be using the videos.

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So now that you know that, let’s take a look at the different types of video cameras on the market, and what exactly they bring to the table for you.


Choosing the Right Type


As mentioned above, video cameras come in several different types. They may vary quite a bit, making it imperative to put in some thought into what you exactly need and choosing the right type of video camera based on that.



Best Camcorder for YouTube


Camcorders come in two main different types as well. Nowadays, however, the full-sized ones are usually more compact and lightweight than they used to be, making the compact ones a little less attractive.

A standard full-sized camcorder is easy to hold in your hand, may weigh as little as around half a pound, but may not compromise on any of the important features in the slightest.

In fact, most standard camcorders may come with a 10x optical zoom lens and packed with many advanced and powerful features.

Some of those features include, but may not be limited to, 3D capabilities, GPS receivers that allow geotagging (adding a location), as well as built-in projectors.

Also, though both full-size and action camcorders come with HD video recording capabilities, recently a new type of camcorder (or rather settings) have hit the market, which is the 4K-resolution camcorders or settings.


best camcorder for youtube


So if the best quality video recording you can get for the money is what you’re looking for, a 4K-resolution camcorder may hit the spot for you.

Similarly, if you’re looking for something very compact, lightweight, easy to use, as well as offer an impressively high level of durability, you may want to consider action camcorders, as they usually come with all these features.


DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras


Coming to the other types of video cameras, there are the DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Some consider them to be the cheapest way of recording HD videos.

Also, nowadays, there are both DSLR and mirrorless cameras coming with 4K resolution settings, basically eliminating the need to go for a specifically designed 4K-resolution camera.

Some of the pros of DSLR and mirrorless cameras include good-quality videos even in low light conditions, many different manual controls allowing you to do more with your videos, as well as impressive shallow focus effects.

And of course, you can always also take quality still images, too. So if you’re looking for the best cheap video camera, a basic DSLR camera may fit the bill for you.


best cheap video camera


Interchangeable lens video cameras


If you’re looking for a high quality video camera and budget isn’t a problem for you, an interchangeable lens video camera may turn out to be one of your best options. This is especially true if you would also want to take high quality images along with doing HD video recording.

An interchangeable lens video camera with large sensors may offer the best of both worlds, coming with video recording capabilities of professional camcorders and still image quality of high-end DSLR cameras.



It usually also comes with pro audio recording capabilities, something that may be far more impressive than those typical DSLR cameras.

Similarly, you can shoot in several different formats, some of which help prevent any kind of manipulation in the editing process, which is again a feature usually not found in a DSLR camera.

An interchangeable lens video camera would usually also get around the ‘moiré’ effect, which a DSLR camera suffers from due to coming with a sensor designed more specifically for still images.

Perhaps the only drawbacks of these advanced video cameras are that they can be considerably more expensive, and may even feel a bit too big in your hands.

Finally, if you’re looking for the best camera for blogging, and not on a tight budget, an interchangeable lens video camera may well turn out to be your best bet.


best camera for blogging


Features to Look Out For


Well, now that you know quite a bit about the different types of video cameras out there, you may want to learn a bit about the features you would want to look out for while choosing one.

A Note

However, before we get to those features, you need to keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s your requirements that will determine the features you should be going for when it comes to choosing the perfect high quality video camera.

However, we will be talking about some basic, generally important ones below.


Although not really a feature, you need to set a certain range of budget that you can afford to shell out for a video camera.

After all, given that they may range from as low as around $150 to as high as a couple of grand, it makes sense to know how much you can afford beforehand.

Still Images

You also need to figure out whether you’re specifically looking for a video camera, or would also like it to come with still image taking capabilities.

So for example, if you’re looking for a blogging camera, you may want both the features. In such a case, depending on your use, a high-end DSLR camera may a good option.


Even if you’re only looking to use the camera for video recording, you would still want it to come with a great zoom.

This is especially true when it comes to good video cameras for YouTube, as you need to take stunning videos from a very long range, making a great zoom quality crucial.


A Final Word


While there are some other things you may need to know about as well, they would depend on exactly what you’re looking for. Usually, a good DSLR camera may offer the balance most beginners are looking for in terms of HD video recording and quality still images.

For the more professional users out there, an advanced camcorder or an interchangeable lens video camera may turn out to be a better choice.


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