How to Make Money online from your Knowledge

The popularity of making money online is constantly rising, and people across India are realizing the profit they can make and are pursuing these careers. Online jobs enable you to work from your home and earn money quickly. Some jobs require a lot of skill, whereas some of them require only having an Internet connection and a quality desktop computer or a laptop.  Here is a list of couple of them, which if explored correctly, could you give your wallet the extra weight, that you had always thought of.


How to Earn extra money online from home with your knowledge
Work online from home without investment

Best part about making money online is that you can do that at your ease, at the comfort of your home, and give the time saved to your family, friends and dear ones.  Not to mention that, as your reputation grows, so does the income grows along with.  There is a huge requirement for online skills, and the demand keeps increasing with each passing day.  Recruiters swamp entire free lancers community for right candidate.  In my opinion, there are more recruiters than free lancers now a days.  See the screenshot of elance taken today.  Whooping 108,172 jobs posted in last 30 days.


Earn Money - elance


That alone tells you about the scope.  There is huge manpower present in various categories, but as said earlier, as your reputation grows, and as you keep growing in your respective categories, there will come a time, when your status will be: Due to high work load, taking no more jobs at present.  Sounds good.  Let’s explore.

1. Social media consultant

If you are a social media lover and addict, then you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to work as a social media consultant, because this is definitely your dream job. This job is different from other online jobs, because it doesn’t require any particular knowledge, except knowing how social media functions.  If you are addicted to social media, then you will be able to perform here like breeze.


Social media consultant - Make Money


Whether you are a student or you already have another full time job, you can efficiently and successfully perform this job, because it doesn’t have specified working hours and you can do it wherever you are. The tasks of a social media consultant in broad categories, is posting or tweeting about the company, staying in touch with clients and attracting new customers. However; these requirements might get tweaked from time to time, depending upon the clients requirements.

Every marketing strategy includes being active online all the time and, because of that, this position is well paid. You will need to be active on the following networks:

  • Facebook – Many companies have a page that their clients can like in order to get the latest information. Social media consultants needs to post different photos regarding the company and update the fans on the page about the company’s services and projects.
  • Twitter – Regarding this social network, you will need to do the same as with the Facebook page, except these posts should be shorter – if you want to have more effective tweets.  And of course, the followers will be in the know how, of what’s the latest, through here.  Off late, Twitter has been a more active platform, then most news channel websites.  News breaks on twitter first, then on other platforms.  This might as well tell you, how necessary Twitter has become in today’s scenario.
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional network that differs from the previous two and presents the company’s professional portfolio and working experience. You can post different pictures, updates and news about the company, but it’s considered more of a professional platform.  If you already know this platform, then you do know that, funny material is more suitable for Facebook and Twitter.

All these networks require interesting material, however, the way of posting and updating differs. You should post the content about the company and even start some discussion on some topics regarding the field your company is in. Both Facebook and LinkedIn provide you with the possibility to create discussion groups, and create a following, which are very most useful for attracting new clients and people from that field of expertise.

Companies, now a days are paying handsomely to individuals having expertise, and good following on the above platforms.

2. Sell your photos online

If you like photography and it is your hobby, you can try to sell some of your works online and earn some extra money. All you have to do is upload your photos to websites such as iStockphoto and CreativeMarket and name a price.


Sell your photos online - Earn money


People need all kinds of photos for articles, blogs, websites and books, and in order to have a unique photo, they turn to these sites to find a perfect one.Moreover, many free photos don’t meet their standards, so they are looking for more professional photographers. Give it a try and maybe you become a professional photographer.

If you know how to work well in computer programs such as Photoshop, you might even make your photos better and sell them for higher price. Later on, you can make it your small business and create a website that will be your professional portfolio.  Having a professional portfolio website, will clear you from the clutter.

Companies such as Star Infranet, registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited, (CEO Anand Mishra)offer all web services and will definitely help you create and design a creative and artistic website. If you decide on this step, you will start getting offers in advance from your clients, who will demand quality photos, so make sure that you equip yourself with the best camera in order to professionally perform your job.

You can also go to elance/freelancer/odesk, and check the requirements there.  Most people require fresh photos of mountains, prominent places for their personal pages on Twitter/Facebook, and pay handsomely for the pictures you have.

3. Sell online your handmade products

If you are creative and you are making some crafts, then you can try to sell them online. Whether you are making jewelry, bags, clothes or house items, you can create your own brand. When you decide on doing this, have in mind that you are starting your small business. Because of that, you have to invest in your business and expand it. Firstly, you can start by making a Facebook page and an account on the websites that sell products like yours.


Handmade-product-Earn Online


For example, if you are making jewelry, you can register at Etsy and promote your work. In my other posts, I will be telling you thoroughly how to get successful on Etsy.  Some freelancers claim to make more than $20,000 per month through their Etsy shops.

Moreover, make an account on websites such as Amazon, AliExpress and eBay and sell your crafts. Put a realistic price, write a quality description of your products and upload high quality photos. Each of the mentioned websites has a detailed guide, so read it carefully and follow their rules.

In the beginning of your creative career, selling on Facebook, Amazon and other sites will bring you a great sum of money. However, if you decide on expanding your business and do the job professionally, you should create your own website, where people will be able to see your work, make some custom orders and buy your crafts.

In order to avoid technical problems, advise with the the Star Infranet team of professionals who will make this step much easier for you. Anand Mishra, CEO of the company, is a professional in the IT industry and knows the struggles of new and small businesses, so be sure that he will fully understand your requirements and provide you with all the necessary information.

4. Online expert guide

If you like giving advice and informing people of the newest fashion, recipes or technology improvements, then you should consider becoming an online expert guide. Depending on your interests and hobbies, you can choose a category that you will be in charge of.


Online expert guide


For example, if you choose to be a fashion expert, then people from all around the world will contact you to advise them where to shop and how to dress. Not only thus, you are expanding your knowledge, as to what people require throughout, you will never know, how soon you gain your reputation as an expert.

The same goes with technology; some companies or business people who don’t have time to search for the perfect electronic gadget will need your help to do the research instead of them and provide them with the best options.

On the other hand, there are websites such as where pay people to answer the questions that people post. In order to find out more about advising via answering these questions, visit the website and read their instructions carefully.


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