Make Money Online Without Investing anything

How to Make Money Online Without Investing a Single Dime?

Many people throughout the world would want to make money online. Many even try their hand at making money online, but usually, the result is either disappointing or even terrible. There are many factors behind such an outcome.

First and foremost seems to be the lack of right knowledge. Without proper understanding of what they are trying to do, it gets extremely challenging for them to end up successful. Furthermore, as many try to make money without investing any, the path gets even tougher.

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Making money online without investment

However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. It’s certainly possible and many manage to start making money online without even investing a dime out of their pockets. But while this is possible and very doable, it needs you to put in a lot more efforts, time, and research.


Make Money without investment


On the other hand, having a bit of startup capital certainly helps you get a head start, given that you know what you are doing with your money. Things may also a lot quicker when you have money to spend to buy tools and services.

On the flipside, there’s also the fact that there are numerous websites and programs out there looking to scam newcomers to the make money online world. All they want to do is make you invest money, after which you will probably never hear from them again.

So not investing anything while starting out, especially if you don’t know a thing about Internet marketing or making money online, can actually be a good thing. Even if you fail, you would at least not have to face any real losses.

Making startup money

We will now be diving straight into talking about how to make money without investment. However, before we get to some of the more important methods, we would cover the smaller ones, which allow you to make a quick buck.


Make Money from Home


This money can then be used as startup capital for the other more important projects. In other words, these smaller methods don’t require you to invest your own money, while still allowing you to have startup money to invest in bigger ventures.

With that being said, let us take a look at such methods that may help you make some quick money.


It’s considered to be one of the best websites for making a small amount of money quickly. There are some who seem to be making a living off of it, but it seems to be incredibly difficult to do that.



However, Fiverr seems to be perfect for making a small amount of money to invest in other projects, or even just to get a hang of Internet marketing stuff.


You can list a gig offering to do something you are good at. From writing articles to designing a basic website to doing data entry, all types of services are sold on Fiverr.

Initially, you would earn $5 per gig, but Fiverr will take $1 for each $5 gig you do as its share, so you will be left with $4 for every gig you do. However, as you sell well on the site and get positive feedback, you will be allowed to add “extra” services to your gigs, allowing you to charge more than $5.


This seems to be a website specifically for writers. If you think you are good with your English writing skills, you might want to give it a go. A few days of successfully working on the site should help you make quite a bit of money.


Hire online writer


However, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind while working on this site. They are:

  • The site initially pays only around $2.5 per 500 words of content you write. However, when you get at least 30 ratings with an overall rating of over 4, you are promoted to the next level, allowing you to make much more for the same amount of work.
  • It’s not recommended to accept projects with very long instructions, unless you are pretty comfortable with the topic. They are very difficult to complete successfully.
  • It’s also not recommended to accept work from clients with an “acceptance rate” of less than 60 percent. It shows that they reject a lot of articles, leading to the writers not getting paid anything for their work.
  • Finally, keep in mind that when your article is rejected by a client, it not only affects your ratings negatively, but you also don’t get paid anything for it.



Freelancing sites

There are various other freelancing sites such as Odesk, Freelancer, and so on. They allow freelancers to offer a wide range of services, and also decide their own rate. This actually isn’t just a method that allows you to earn startup money, but also help you earn a considerable amount of money consistently, if you manage to get going and fetch a lot of positive reviews.


Freelancing sites


Finally, remember that it may not be a bad idea to start small. After all, when it comes to countries like India, some of the well known names in the media sector, such as Kartikeya Sharma, had started small but eventually made it pretty big.

The bigger methods to make money online without investment

Well, now that we have covered the smaller methods to make money online without investment, let us move on to the bigger ones. So here we go.

Online surveys

This is believed to one of the most common ways of making money online without investment. You can fill out surveys that interest you. You also aren’t obliged to work at any fixed timings. You can work whenever it’s convenient for you.


Online surveys


However, one important thing to keep in mind while doing this method is that there are also many scam websites and businesses out there that offer you a lot of money for each survey you do, but require you to make an investment for registering with them. We recommend staying well away from such sites.

Most genuine survey sites allow free registrations. Such sites include Global Test Market, SurveyBods, Toluna, OnePoll, Vivatic, Hiving, PanelBase, The Opinion Panel, and a lot more.

You would usually earn either cash or rewards for doing a survey. Finally, also note that the type of survey or pay you get depend on your location, and many other factors.

Selling your notes

It might seem a little strange but you can surely make money sharing your notes with other students. However, you need to make sure that the type of notes you are offering has a market for it. Notes creared by typing out a huge chunk of text that doesn’t contain anything useful will simply sit there for months biting dust, but may not sell.

If you think your notes are really useful, you can head over to a site known as Notesale. The good thing is that they don’t charge you to put your notes on their marketplace, but when you make sales.

Reviewing websites and apps

Many of you might find this one to be a pretty cool job for you. It pays you for simply reviewing websites and apps. It may be fun for you, while at the same time, helping the developers improve their websites or apps.

You may earn up to $10 for each review, which usually seem to be taking well under 30 minutes. There may be several sites offering such opportunities, but UserTesting seems to be one of the best ones.

Micro jobs sites

There are many micro jobs sites out there such as Swagbucks, Toluna, PaidOffers, InboxPounds, and so on that offer users to make money doing simple online tasks.

Microworkers is also one such site, which is quite popular as well. The tasks range from small, simple ones to bigger, more complex ones. The paid depends on the difficulty of the tasks.


Work and earn onine


Starting your own website

We know this one seems to be pretty daunting. As someone who doesn’t know much about Internet marketing and stuff, you may not want to get into something as advanced just yet.



However, when you feel that you are prepared and experienced enough, you may consider starting your own website. Now it may cost you a bit of money for domain and hosting, so it does require a small investment.

However, if you don’t want to invest anything, you can go with free platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, and so on.


own website


You can write about what interests you and helps others, and then start monetizing it when it starts getting a decent amount of traffic. There are various monetization options available out there such as affiliate marketing, Adsense, sponsored ads, and so on.

However, you may have to do quite a lot of research, and may even have to face failure quite a few times before you eventually make it and start raking in those big figures.

A final word

Most of the methods mentioned in this article may turn out to be pretty effective, and usually don’t require any investment at all. However, it actually comes down to what you are comfortable with, or where you can find your skills being put to good use.


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