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How to Monetize your Skills Online


Whether you have a job and want to earn some extra money, or you are unemployed and are looking for a new opportunity, there are various online jobs that you can do and earn a good salary.  Or shall I say EXTRA INCOME !!! Sounds good.  Through this post, we will try exploring some of those.

For some jobs, you need a very little skill whereas some of them require having exceptional knowledge in one or some fields.  Moreover, making money online isn’t easy and, in order to successfully perform some jobs, you will need to make some investments.  Remember, making money through online jobs sounds easy, but you need to be patient, and invest time and money into it.

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Work online from home without investment
How to Earn extra money online from home with your knowledge
How to Make Money online from your Knowledge

1. Writing lovers should start a blog

It doesn’t matter if you have a job or not, because blogging doesn’t take too much time and it can certainly bring you money.  If you decide on putting a lot of effort in reaching a broader audience, then you can expect a better salary.

If you are an expert in one field and you love writing, then don’t be afraid to make blogging your primary profession, because you can earn a good sum of money and, at the same time, do something that you love. Other advantages are that you can work from your home and you don’t have specified working hours – it’s all up to you.


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When you decide on starting your blog, you will need to invest in order to succeed. If you don’t have any experience when it comes to building a website and other services, you can browse for some detailed information. You can contact the Star Infranet team, a registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited, and ask them everything that you want to know.

The team of highly qualified professionals will be more than pleased to answer all of your questions and if you decide on taking up their services, they will lead you through your blogging journey. You will need to register your domain, create your website and be provided by web hosting services.

Once you publish your blog, then the next step would be to promote it, to reach audience.  Always, remember, while you were reading this post, there were thousands of blogs being posted on Internet.  I am giving you one of the links through which you can know the in depth methods of promoting your blogs: 11 things to do after you publish your blog.

However; you can experiment other ways as well to make your blog, reach a wider audience.  Remember, The more the reach, the better.  People, want to read.  They always search for avenues, where they can find good posts.  Once your posts appeal to them, they would be more than delighted to visit your blog again for your next post.  Use more and more intuitive titles and content inside the post.  Your content should be unique, and at the same time engaging.  You should always ask yourself the question, why would anyone read this blog, and you will have your answer.

Once you reach considerable audience, you can start monetizing your blog.  You can use adsense, or affiliate marketing to monetize the traffic.  This in turn will provide you with a steady source of extra income, you had always thought of.

2. Share your knowledge and expertise by starting a webinar

Webinars, which can be a presentation, a lecture, a workshop or a seminar, are almost same as blogging, except you present your knowledge by recording yourself and not in written form. You need to find a purpose for your webinar and make a detailed plan of what you will present.


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You can start with some smaller project in order to see if you need to improve something or not. There are various websites that provide you with the opportunity to test your skills in this field such as TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking and

When you test your skills and decide on pursuing this career, then you can create your own website, where you will do webinars. You will certainly need to invest, if you want to start earning some money. If you already have a website, then you can upgrade your blogging with some videos and webinars. Get in touch with your web services company and they will help you with creating space on your website for webinar purposes.

3. Affiliate marketer doesn’t take too much of your time

If we assume that you already have a website, blog or a page, you can become an affiliate marketer in order to earn some more money. This means that, on your website, you will promote other smaller businesses, products or even other websites.


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There are three possibilities for this kind of promotion:

  • Banner ads
  • Linked articles
  • Product videos

Banner ads are most common, however, statistics have shown that people tend to avoid these. Another possibility are linked articles, which can be tricky, because you need to create valid content for your article and link your client properly. If you do it unprofessionally, then that link might be considered as spam and it won’t be good marketing for both your client and you.

By placing product videos on your website, you will certainly make good business. Moreover, if you do some webinars, you can include the client’s’ content in them, but be careful and make sure that the product matches your topic.

4. Web design definitely pays off

If you are good in web design, you should improve your skills and immediately put yourself on the market, because you can earn a lot of money and, at the same time start building your career. As it requires skill and knowledge, this isn’t a job that can be done by anyone.


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So, if you meet the requirements for this position, then you can start with smaller projects, that can be found online on different websites such as Elance, Freelancer and other. These websites provide you with the possibility to apply for various jobs and earn some money.

Before you start applying for better paid jobs, you need to build your portfolio, in which you will be supposed to list your previous working experience. As every employer will be interested in your work, you will need to provide them with examples of your design. If you don’t have any previous experience, you can promote yourself by creating and designing your own website or a page.

In this creative way, you will show your knowledge and surely have a unique portfolio. Include your biography, create a template and think of all options that someone can demand from you and include them in your website. Your website for promotional purposes should be creative and professional, but it would be great to include some funny material and write in a friendly tone.

These four online job opportunities are perfect for anyone who wants to make a website or who already owns one. You shouldn’t expect that these jobs will immediately pay off, because any successful career needs some time. Improve your knowledge, hire professionals and create your own path in order to become recognized in your field.


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