Make Money Using Social Media

How to use social networks as a tool to earn online

We all know how lucrative social networks are, but anyone who has actually tried using them to earn online knows it’s not that easy. There are a ton of nuances and steps you have to take in order to build a lasting social presence, something which isn’t done overnight.

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One common mistake people make is hopping on a social network and hoping to go viral. Their thought process is: “once I go viral I’ll build my audience off that”. This is the wrong way to go about things. In order to go viral, you need an audience first to help you do that. You also need to be prepared to go viral. What’s the point of going viral if you don’t have a way to capture leads or if you don’t have enough different content for your new users to explore?


Pick the right social network


This article will cover how to pick a social network, what it means to lay a foundation, building a profile and creating content. You’ll see the steps you’ll have to take in order to build a lasting social presence that helps you to earn online.

Pick the right network

You don’t want to be on Pinterest targeting blind people. That’s an extreme example but it still rings true. When you try and promote your handmade art on Linkedin then you might as well be trying to show it to blind people. Art probably isn’t something professionals (the main audience of Linkedin) would be interested in; visual networks like Pinterest and Facebook would be better options.

It’s hard to know right away which network is best for you but you can take an educated guess. Once you narrow it down to 3 networks, give them all a test and see which is best for you. It’s important to test each network for the same amount of time and take detailed note of your analytics.


social networks - Earn online

Learn the makeup of the popular networks so you can make a well-informed choice


Laying a Foundation

You’ll need a strong foundation to gain moment on a social network. A strong foundation refers to a clear direction you want to go in, clear goals so you can know what is and what isn’t working, an archive of sharable content and a very specific audience.


Strong social network


You want to know these things ahead of time to help you plan your actions. You may think you know a lot about your niche but the deeper you dive into it, the more nuances you find. Social networks are great for finding a bunch of people who are interested in specific nuances of a certain niche. Kartikeya Sharma recommends finding different nuances and building your plan around them, which helps you build a very very targeted audience.

Building a profile

Your profile should be as welcoming as possible. Generic profile pictures of stock image people or just a logo don’t usually go over well. Be as genuine as possible when building your profile.

Make sure to fill out all of the information fields available which helps you appear more professional and legitimate.


Building a profile - Make money

Search for little nuances to help you find a niche within your niche


Be relatable

Social networks make celebrities and brands extremely accessible. People want to know that the things/people they enjoy are similar to them in some way. Use slang that you notice floating around in your niche. You want to be relatable but don’t go overboard and sound corny.

Sharable content

You want to make sure the content you’re trying to promote is actually sharable. Take a look at what successful profiles in your niche are doing and try to replicate it. Custom images are a good option that help you be unique online. When create a custom image unique to your niche, make sure you brand it with your website’s logo and add a call to action on the image to visit your website.


Sharable content


Social media is about consistency. You could easily find a way to tweet 1000s of pictures related to your niche each day but would that help you build an audience? Would you be making people feel as if they were helped by your website/brand? These are questions you need to ask yourself as you grow your social profiles. You need to provide people with value in order to earn online. Remember to always keep your audience in mind and don’t be afraid to spend time researching so you can make the best decision.


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