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Make money online – A Beginner’s Guide to No Risk Matched Betting


A Courtesy Purpose of This Guide: No Risk Matched Betting is becoming popular day by day as a way to make money online, the only reason behind its success is feasibility and hefty rewards. The following guide will introduce you to the term No Risk Matched betting, help you develop an understanding of its principles and how you can continuously win with it. I stay in UK and made legitimate money out of it, and I plan to share my knowledge with you. Hope you too benefit out of this and make money online with betting.

No Risk Matched Betting acts as a legal example of playing with the Gambling system in the United Kingdom, and make money online as well as the Indian Gambling Industry somehow recognizes this. So far, bookmakers have no problem with it as they are not losing anything because of it. Considering it’s not acknowledged as a gambling activity by the British Authorities, therefore, it is not taxed. We wish the Indian authorities show the same courtesy. I have taught this to many people, after learning from my mistakes and repeated betting, until I mastered the things. Hope you too earn money online through this.  Do leave your comments in the comment box below to tell me how things went.  All Cool !!! Let’s start.


What’s the Idea Behind it?

To start Match Betting, you need an account with a Bookmaker. This provides free bets that are a bit favorable for betting exchange. This needs to offset the loss that can be sustained at the bookmaker:


Start Match Betting

Bookmakers usually allow Risk free betting.


  • Bookmakers are required to incorporate terms for who will first place a bet to qualify for the “free bet”. For this purpose, the bet is placed on the different results that come with the bookmaker. The second bet is placed on these findings that don’t occur on the same betting exchange.
  • The latter is needed to balance possible oncoming losses. As the free bet qualifies, the same process is repeated over again. The only difference is, there is a free bet used in it. Despite whatever the result is, profit is always guaranteed as the bet was made free of cost.

Online betting outlets and betting exchanges rose to fame in the past few years as they allowed users to bet without any odd official maker. This made the person placing the bet pretty much of a bookmaker.

  • Cracking the Hardest Nut in the Bunch

Matched Betting lets you take benefit of a free bet that comes with the majority of betting platforms. All you need to do is get your free bet by betting either for or against a certain event and make money online. Yes, now you can bet on the event while playing with online betting exchange.

There seems no potential risk of losing your money as the two bets almost cancel each other. By saying this, we might make no risk matched betting look useless but the promise of getting guaranteed profit remains intact. The catch is, you are doing it for free instead of putting money on the stake.


no risk matched betting

The catch is, you are doing it for free instead of putting money on the stake.


So whatever the result is, you are guaranteed to win something. If you want, you can use this tactic to extract free offers from other bookmakers as well.


3 Different Types of Approach

There are some different strategies that are implemented in such betting schemes. The various approaches used in no risk matched betting are as following:

1. Automatic Approach

Automatic systems, as the name suggests automatically scans the whole market, calculates the odds of betting to the initial loss to maximize the possible winnings. These systems also provide you with instructions on how you should place a bet to profit from it.

The Automatic websites and software packages are ideal for people who are relatively new to matched betting. Such website filters wherever there’s a mathematical chance of sustaining a loss, and it protects you from putting your money somewhere where you may (possibly) lose it. Mostly, such websites are backed up with membership fees, advertising, affiliate programs and commission on winnings.

2. Assisted Approach

The Assisted Matched Betting relates to websites and software packages that offer comparison tables of markets for people to bet on. These provisions are better known as Auto Matchers. These Auto Matchers are maintained by people who have developed a deep understanding of Matched betting and how it works.

The Auto Matchers provide you with a matched betting calculator that is used in conjunction with comparison tables. Users can choose between different types of bets, stakes, time frame and even bonuses if they want and make money online.

3. Manual Approach

Manual Matched Betting relates to the case where the user finds the offer, odds and markets to odd him or herself while making relevant calculations. Matching right odds is time taking, and it needs a high level of numeracy with better understanding of how to bet. The manual approach proves to be an advantage for gambling when it comes to a potential loss.


Related Terminology and Acronyms used with it

Following are some different Terminologies and Acronyms that are commonly used with no risk matched betting. These are stated as following:


Betting Exchange

Betting Exchange Profit


1. Betting Exchange

This is the entity responsible for offering trading facilities for retailer and bookmaker clients to buy and sell contracts. This also provides the platform to place both types of Back and Lay bets.

2. Liability

The Amount you will/can lose or payout if you lost your lay bet.

3. Stake Returned

A Bet which if won, returns the original stake.

4. Stake Not Returned

A bet that is won but doesn’t return your original stake.

5. Qualifying Bet

A bet that is placed at bookmaker so that you can enjoy a free bet.

6. Wagering Requirement

Specific instructions that you are obliged to follow to win a free bet or even withdrawing bonus funds from a bookmaker.


3 Facts to Acknowledge Before You Start

Before you place a bet with a betting exchange, you should know that these exchanges will take a commission from your winnings.

  • Free Bets come with terms and conditions. For an instant, the bookmaker stipulates that the initial bet is placed on odds of 2.00 or over before you can qualify for a free bet.
  • In addition, you also need to realize the fact that Bookmakers use RMS (Reputation Management System) to track users signing up for multiple bookmakers, however; some argue about the utilization of this software as it is a direction violation of Data protection act just because it shares information between two different organizations.
  • We have to wait and see if India takes an inspiration or not. Because Matched betting along with other types of betting is tax-free in the United Kingdom. This betting type is legal, and even William Hill says that the betting industry has no problem with it so far.


How to Play with a No Risk Matched Betting and Win

The best part is, to win with No risk matched betting and make money online, you don’t need to know about everything in betting terminology. However, before you start acting on the following guide, you need to learn about two types of bets, these are described as:


Matched Betting


1. The Back Bet

This is betting on an outcome that you want to come right. For instant “I bet Australia will win” this is a backing bet because if it comes right, you will win the lottery with the winning. In case Australia loses, or the game ends up in a draw, you will lose your stake. The good news is; you can place such bets at any bookmaker including Paddy Power, William Hill, and others.

2. The Lay Bet

A lay bet is betting on an inevitable outcome that you wish to come true. For an instant,” I bet Australia will not win” is a lay bet. If they lose or draw, you will win the bet. However, you can only place such a bet at a betting exchange like

Matched betting works by eliminating the risk on Back bet at online bodies by placing a bet against yourself with the same odd. If described in simple words, you are betting to match your bet.

After the qualifying bet, you will be rewarded the free bet by your bookmaker. This is where you will earn your winning and you make money online. It’s simple, you will need to repeat the process by using your free bet to lay it down. Despite whatever it boils down to, you are doomed to make a profit from it.

3. How much should you expect to make from it?

For each of your bet that is matched, you will be left with up to 95% of the free winning amount as the profit. This is because the betting exchange will charge you 5% commission of your total winnings.  Also, you may as well make a tiny loss on your qualifying bet because of the little difference in odds due to playing on different websites. But don’t worry, this is normal and you will be recouping the loss with free bets.

In the following steps, we are going to show you how you can profit from £20 with free bets, and make money online. You can replicate the same steps with numerous free bets over time and almost have £1,200 in one and half a year just from no risk matched betting.  Before you ask, yes it’s entirely worth your effort, no one minds an extra scratch by almost doing nothing. However, you might as well need to check if Gambling Earnings are taxed in India under Section 155B of Income Tax Act.

4. Risk Associated with It

The crux of these bets is you can quickly learn them, and start making money online. There is no risk associated with these bets as you cover yourself by betting for and against the same thing. But as Kartikeya Sharma pointed out correctly to me, and I had to edit the entire post because of this, the Risk arises with YOUR mistakes.  Trust me, you have to be sure, and absolutely sure, again and again you have to double check everything and follow the steps precisely, on occasions, free bets don’t always come in just one night, therefore you will have to be patient.

Once you have developed an understanding of the process and tested them, you can leisurely continue matched betting with other online bookies who offer free bets. Adding up to the argument, it’s better to know about depositing gambling websites that will not affect your overall credit rating.

5. Preparing for Your First Profit

So, Are you ready to make money online. To be honest, there is fragmented information laid on forums which results in dear mistakes for your novice. Here, we will define each step we precisely follow. As long as you follow guide from word to word, you won’t suffer from any loss, and should make money online from risk free betting. Therefore, for you own sake you will need to read the entire guide thoroughly and understand each step before making your bet.

6. Sign Up for


Bet Fair is the Betting Exchange where you lay bets to cancel out the risk at bookmakers. Unlike other traditional bookmakers, this is the place you get to bet on other people as well. This exchange also offers free bets for their new customers as well.

7. Sign Up for


William Hill so far is presenting the best offer with £20 value free bets on every new sign up. All you have to do is place a bet of £10. Don’t worry, you will match this bet as well as using it a bookie in this example.

Adding up, you need to check the T&C of receiving free bet offers. There is some restriction for what you can bet on with the expiry dates. This also informs you about whether or not, your free bet is returned with the winning.

In this example, it’s speaking not but still, we are making a few bucks off it. During registration, try to use a promo code and you will be prompted to make your first deposit. For this, you will need to choose your payment type and make the deposit.

8. Use Decimal Odds


Use Decimal Odds

Use Decimal Odds


Once you are logged in William Hill, you need to change your odds display from fractions to a decimal. This allows quick comparison with Bet Fair. You can take care of this from the drop down under the main navigation area (in the middle of sports homepage).

9. Find and Carefully Place your Qualifying Bet

You need to find a sports bet that is the closest odds on both William Hill (bet to back), and the Bet Fair (lay bet).

Lay odds on Bet Fair, which are the red boxes, not the blue ones. If you are unable to see any red boxes you need to go to the exchange by clicking the line on the top left, “Go to Exchange” or “Exchange”.


Go to Exchange

Go to Exchange


To enjoy this free bet offer, according to the William Hill’s Terms, you need to pick odds of 1.2 or greater. It would be better if you choose a bet with small odds for this. Try going between 1.2 and 4.0 if you can. See the example below for how to use auto matcher tool that will take care of everything for you.

The Example:

As you can already see below, we used Auto matcher, which suggested a match between two leading teams. Therefore, I searched on both of them and threw them on William Hill and Bet Fair according to the matching odds for Win-Draw-Lose chances. I will back one team to win at William Hill with odds of 1.61 and Lay the same bet with Bet Fair at the odds of 1.60.


we used Automatcher

we used Automatcher


The only difference here is 0.01 which is calculated by giving a small loss of 12p for qualifying bet that is quite acceptable. Following are the betting slips on both websites for qualifying bets.


Betting Slips

Betting Slips


10. Auto matcher Tool (Qualifying for the Free Bet)

Use the Tool as it will save your breath while maximizing your profit. You will need to fetch live odds from William Hill and find the equivalent lay odds on Bet Fair for upcoming matches. The Good news, you have already taken care of the hardest part, and now you are ready to make money online.

Yes, the most difficult thing that you needed to take care of was finding the best match for a qualifying bet based on closest possible odds with the smallest loss. Feel free to switch between them and the calculations will be updated automatically.

11. How to Claim the Free Bet

In my game, the first team, which I placed my bet on won by 2-1, so the return £16.16 returned on William Hill Account while I lost some £6 (as a liability) from Bet Fair Account. The difference between these accounts was £9. There was another loss of 7p (less than 13p).


How to Claim the Free Bet

How to Claim the Free Bet


We sustained this loss due the small differences between both these accounts (but it’s nothing to worry about). Now, we placed and got through with £10 for the qualifying bet, thanks to this we are left with £20 free bet.

This awards us the total credit of £36 in William Hill, however, we will only use £20 of that and withdraw the remaining one later. Things are now as fascinating with Bet Fair as we are £3 short here which we will need to top up with our next bet.

12. Find and Place a New Bet

By saying this, we will repeat from step 4 but we will exceed the betting amount. In case you received a 2 x £10 bets, just pace them on the same place but separate bets. This time, it will be worth the effort to pick odds that are greater than 3.0 and improve your profit. Keep in mind that the higher your stakes are, the more you will have in your Bet Fair account.


New Match Betting

Find and Place a New Bet


The Example:

We used the next step of Auto matcher which suggests a new match. The odds were above 3.0 with the only difference of 0.1 between both websites. Now you can see we are backing on one to win on William Hill (This team has higher odds while we are laying abet on Bet Fair for the second one that have lower odds.


Next Step of Automatcher

Next Step of Automatcher


In the Bet Fair account, we already had some winnings left from the old bet. Nonetheless, we deposit more to cover the calculated liability. Following are the slips from both websites.


Betting Slips

Betting Slips


The Auto matcher tool calculated our clear profit and whatever else may happen.

13. Coming Back to Auto matches Tool

Go to the live list of bets and click on refresh button. Now follow what we are saying here. Once again, you will need to switch between different matches on the table, and the calculations will be updated by themselves.

14. Cashing your Profit

Despite whatever the outcome is, you now have an in profit to your amount that was calculated back in Auto matcher. After playing the game over again and again, it’s time you cash out the final amount.

In our previous example, the score between both teams ended up 2-2 which was a draw. It let us lose our bet on William Hill and winnings of the matched bet ended up more than what we invested in both accounts. Even after deducting the commission of Bet Fair, we still have the exact amount that Auto matcher calculated in our favor.


Cashing Profit

Cashing Profit


After 2 matched bets, we have about doubled the amount in William Hill account while we have about ten times more in Bet Fair account. Mind the fact that William Hill allows you to withdraw an amount of £10 in minimum payout. Therefore, you will have to top it out at first. Later on, you can withdraw the total amount from Bet Fair account.


Can you depend on it?

To be honest, there is no risk associated with the idea of paying off some extras with your hobby, and make money online. The only problem is you may end up losing than making more money. Yes, speaking theoretically the matched betting is somewhat risk-free. The only reason you may lose money is alack of understanding and charging your head on. It’s important that you spend some time around to read up tips, strategies and tactics that will assure you a win.

The real danger is someone in financial crises succumbing up to the whole idea that betting companies will provide free bets for nothing. The betting websites doesn’t promote free bets for anything. Therefore, for some people this can be the Trojan horse.

Once you register, you needed to setup your payment methods and engaged in betting game. It may be easier than quick fluttering with some marketing emails you will be rewarded. Adding it all up, it’s important to stop once all the free bet offers have been used. Also, you need to avoid backing a bet without analyzing it carefully.

We don’t like to burst your bubble but no risk matched betting is not something which will help you make a living for a long time. Yes, it’s not a long-term source of continuous income, and we are vouching for it. This is a bit validated and risk-free approach for topping up your bank balance a little bit without graveling up to your parents.


Spread the Word

As you realize, the free bets come and go. Most of the time, you will need to scout around for new ones, and you can only imply them after finalizing whether they are worth it or not. This may not be a legitimate way to scratch off a living. However, it proves to be great for earning some extra on the side. It’s tax-free, and you don’t have to work around the clock for it.

Here’s a bonus video for you as well.




Disclaimer: Please note that neither the author nor this website accept any liability for how you use the advice given on this page. So read it carefully, and if you decide to follow the steps then you use it at your own risk! Also, if online gambling is not legal in your country, You have to avoid it. Proper legal authorities should be consulted before gambling, whether online or offline.


Ben used to a tame introvert who was glued to a monitor 24/7 in his early twenties. He got the hang of Social Media and made it into a career-defining choice. After making a living off it, he developed aninterest in other matters such as how to earn money from the internet and online gambling. Till this day, he has helped many people making their ends meet with information technology just like he does. Subscribe to his portals and get the latest from him!

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