Offered to Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes

Offered to Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes? Read this FIRST!


You may be here from our another article on this topic that you can find right here. If you have already read through that article, you probably already know a lot about the topic at hand here.

However, we will be discussing more things related to this so-called work from home job, so stay tuned if you want to learn more. If you haven’t been to our other article on this topic, you can check it out right away by clicking here.

That said, you may want to know more about it, especially after how tempted you may be feeling to give it a shot after all the big promises you have been made. So here we go.

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Work from home envelope stuffing jobs – An Introduction


So maybe you saw an ad for a work from home job that simply involves stuffing envelopes from home sitting on your bed and making a lot of money. And now you’re all excited to start because, well, who doesn’t like to make money while doing something as simple and easy as stuffing envelopes without even having to get out of their bed.

Well, let this get this out of the way right away – and we are sorry to do so and disappoint you – but these jobs are actually a pure scam. There’s no company that pays $2 to $5 for every envelope you stuff as they claim to offer, and the business model certainly doesn’t have an iota of a thing known as sense.


Work envelope stuffing jobs


The companies that claim to be mailing businesses or whatever, and tell you that they are looking for people to work from home stuffing envelopes, are usually just operating a multi-marketing scam; sometimes just a pure scam. Unfortunately, despite their claims making absolutely no sense, there are desperate people falling for them and losing their hard-earned money.


How these companies scam people?


The basis of these scams is charging the users a “start-up” fee. In return, you’re promised to be sent a kit with all the required information and things you will need to get started. Sometimes the excuse to make you shell out money is to have a security deposit, a fee for the opportunity you’re being offered, etc. But at the end of the day, it all means the same: We want to take your money and scam you.

This fee typically ranges from $30 to $70. However, once you pay this fee, you may not hear anything at all from the company, and that’s actually more common than you may think. In the rare cases that you do hear back, you’re probably simply sent the kit that actually has more to do with referring others to the “scam” than making money doing any real work.

In other words, you may be asked to refer other people to the company and make them pay up a start-up fee as well so that even they are able to work from home stuffing envelopes. You’re paid a small part of the start-up fee paid by the people you refer to the company.

However, as there’s no real business; no product; no service; no real work; things are destined to fail. If you go down this route (of referring people to such a company), you’re likely to end up with angry, disappointed friends and family members. This is simply because what you’re doing is referring them to a scam and helping the scammers scam more people.


How companies scam people


To put it in a more straightforward way, steer clear of such companies. Even the Federal Trade Commission has a fairly detailed article explaining how this scam works and how you need to avoid falling for it.

The first thing it says is that you’re made big promises, including the ones that just seem too good to be true. And it’s a very common fact in the work from home industry that, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

This couldn’t be truer in this case. As you can see in the FTC article, you’re given hopes of making anything between $550 to $3000 a week, which would probably be more than a dream coming true for most people given the simplicity of work and no entry barrier. You may also be told that you will be paid $2 to $5 for each envelope you stuff and mail, though many companies would probably go bankrupt if they paid such exorbitant rates.

The other common promises may include not having to make any further investment, as you will be getting the postage, supplies and everything else you may need for free. You will likely also be promised weekly payments so that you’re tricked into thinking you won’t have to wait a lot, either.


How to save yourself from such scams?


Besides what we shared in our other article on this topic about avoiding such scams, we think being skeptical is a good way to start. And it’s not something limited to only this job, but pretty much all work from home jobs out there.

A fair few of them are total scams, so it only makes sense to not believe everything or perhaps even anything that you’re saying unless it’s backed by sufficient evidence and “sense.” Yes, the sense is what most of these “business ideas” lack.

How to save yourself from scams


For example, in this case, why would someone pay such a lot of money for doing something so simple that even a kid could do. There are no requirements for any kind of qualifications, degree or even skills.

If this were actually true, wouldn’t everyone be doing it and be filthy rich? And where does this huge amount of money to pay you such stupid high rates for an even more stupid easy task come from? Of course, these questions right here may make you realize that there’s no money to be made here.

You will likely only end up losing money and a lot of your time and efforts. Furthermore, this may even deprive you of the motivation you have or need to be able to embrace other legit work at home opportunities.

So finally, like we said, avoid such scams and only consider working on something that is based on work from home business ideas that actually make sense. This is especially true for something that requires you to pay any amount of money upfront, as these are much more likely to be a scam.

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