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Top 3 Ways for Teens to earn money online


Who wouldn’t love the idea of making their living, or even just some extra cash, online? Could there be anything more appealing and freeing than quickly and easily earning money online from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are in the world at the time.

For young professionals, who thrive on being busy and growing both personally and in terms of career-relevant experience. Most people are aware that there are ways you can make a spare buck or two, but it really can be a lot more lucrative. As a young professional who has lived in central London myself, I’m aware of the ironic juggling of long hours with little spare money to live with.


Work online from home without investment
How to Earn extra money online from home with your knowledge

However, the opinion and specific, diverse insight of a young city professional in this day and age is one that is incredibly important both in a social sense but also for developing businesses who are hoping to sweep this specific market up under their wings.

Basically, when your opinion is unique and valuable, you can actually earn money online a lot easier than you may think – and when a pint is costing you more than £5, we could all do with that! The opinions of both young working women and men in 2015 are both diverse and valuable to prospering businesses, so it’s time to make the most of that and use it to your advantage.

1) Online Paid Surveys:

So let’s be honest, surveys aren’t the most fun you can have online. We’re all used to having to fill out the occasional torturous long survey after-shopping or even (the audacity!) when filing a formal complaint online. However, not many people know that there is actually a great deal of money to earn online by filling out such forms.

Most companies benefit greatly from the customer feedback that surveys can give them, something that can be harder for them to obtain than you’d imagine and, so, a fair few of them are even willing to pay for them.

Online Paid Surveys

Thus, It can come as no real surprise that a great way for young professionals to earn money online is to fill out and submit online surveys in their spare time. Business researchers are always recruiting new members to test new products and answer survey questions.

Depending which route you go down, usually you can make up to £3 per survey which is paid as cash or in rewards. A few survey networks that I’d recommend include MySurvey, Valued Opinions, Toluna, Opinion Outpost and New Vista.  Along the same line of thought it may be beneficial for you to sign up to the website Swagbucks if you want to start earning money online pronto.

Swagbucks fundamentally rewards you for simply surfing the web, playing games, watching videos and completing some surveys. This one is a real favorite among young professionals and students for obvious reasons..

2) Social Investment Strategies:

Social Investment Strategies

Okay, so this one is a little less obvious for most young professionals out there. Most of us are less accustomed to hearing about ‘social investment surveys’ rather than the usual laborious surveys we talked about previously, so let me try and break it down for you. The world of stock markets is one we all associate with wealth, whether it be from watching too much Wolf Of Wall Street or otherwise, but alas the market has finally been opened up to the more general savvy public.

Now, with a basic understanding, you can do it all alone and earn money online quickly with the help of online market trading platforms, which are free! Let me introduce you to eToro.com. With over four million users worldwide (and growing by the day) eToro has been featured most recently in the Financial Times and numerously on the BBC.

Whether you’ve heard of it through the BBC 2 documentaries, savvy professional friends, Financial Times or even keen Google searches, this is a rollercoaster worth taking a seat on. Not only is it lucrative, but it’s exciting.  As Kartikeya Sharma of NewsX points out, four million users, using a common online financial platform isn’t a small deal, and the future of things look very very positive with the way this company has been performing.

I have a few top tips to maximize the possibility for earning money online using eToro and similar sites. First off, I’d recommend following the trends of traders who have a 20% return and have succeeded in doing so for the past year at least.

Though It is understandably tempting to follow the traders with the top 300/400% returns, these are usually using high risk strategies that as a young individual you probably can’t afford to risk taking. Furthermore, as far as your budget allows you should try and spread your investments over numerous traders on the site.

My basic research and common sense indicates all traders, no matter how experienced, have bad weeks and this means you’re likely not to risk the whole of your investment being wiped out by one single bad trade.

A useful feature on the eToro website is the CopyTrader tool which allows you to follow and copy investments of other top performing traders, and it should be said that traders who invest in both Forex and stocks provide more reliable returns over the long term. If you want to know more, here’s a helpful YouTube tutorial which may be able to help clarify your thoughts…

3) Writing And Publishing An Ebook:

If there is one last thing that young city professionals tend to all have in common, it’s a lust for independence and, again, this option is one that, if executed well, can generate a lot of money to be made online with complete control in the hands of the creator.

Writing And Publishing An EbookNow, with the Amazon Kindle Store, literally anyone with the will to do so can create and publish an eBook and quickly make money if the product is good enough. Further, now that there is a Kindle app, the market is bigger than ever before.

The app itself is available on almost all modern devices (think iPads, computers, almost all smart phones and laptops) so you really can reach worldwide! Once you have researched, proof read and created your eBook, it’s a good idea to price it low – to appeal to a wider audience baring in mind you are probably unknown as an author.

Anything between £1 to £4 is the best bet and you, as the author, earn 70% of the sale price! Furthermore, the formulas for the most profitable eBooks are usually factually-based, informational books surrounding a commonplace issue.

For example, “easy ways to lose weight fast” or “how to get the job of your dreams” are all good topic ideas, as they are common issues had by many and if the eBook potentially holds the answers they are looking for, it justifies the money spent on the megastore website.

This is a brilliant idea for young professionals, as an investment of time so small (such as even twenty hours of your time, both researching and writing) can help you generate income and earn money online passively for literally years to come. Time to get writing!


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