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Some of us are “naturally creative”. We were the children who preferred drawing to playing sports, wrote poems for fun and enthusiastically immersed ourselves in making home-made celebration cards from scratch at any opportunity. However, you grow up and unless you know the right people, it can seem as if the idea of earning money from what it is you love is just an unrealistic pipe-dream.


Work online from home without investment

How to Make Money online from your Knowledge

But, that’s not the case. If you are someone who is blessed with an artistic skill set, you are a rare commodity and with the modern internet, the worldwide market is bigger than ever and really at your doorstep. The beauty of doing this is the fact that it doesn’t seem like work at all; when you’re doing what you love to do, it seems like nothing more than a paid hobby – a sponsorship if you will – who could argue with that?!

If You Can Paint/Draw:

Those among us who naturally excel in drawing or painting can easily earn money online. If you were one of the people blessed with the motor control to create beautiful images, you can literally use the internet, in varying ways, as your platform – your gallery.



Original Painting


First off, eBay and Etsy are great platforms for both promoting and selling your work. If you’re someone who can create a large number of unique pieces in a short time period you can really thrive on here. Original artwork is so lucrative since buyers never know what level your work will one day excel to.

It is a beautiful gamble, a win-win situation, if they like your work they are purchasing something rare and individual which has a big pull of it’s own and one day it could even be worth a lot more. The possibility of this long-term investment is a major appeal to art lovers all around the world.

Etsy is a great platform for buying and selling all creative works, including artwork and with eBay free monthly listings that is also a great method. Etsy especially is great for earning money online on a long term basis, as you can really build your ‘shop’ and create an online studio where people can browse and collect your work.

The potential for long-term work here is great too, as people seeking creatives to produce work for their own products often use these sites to look for young new artists. Further, popular apps such as Instagram are great new methods of easy promotion for the artists among us, Hashtags are your best friends! What are you waiting for?!

One suggestion given by Kartikeya Sharma of iTV, for people like you, is that you can also start a service, where in buyers can upload their images (.jpeg or scanned images), and you can paint them out in the versions THEY ask for.  Buyers will be more than pleased, if you can stand up to their expectations, and you will be more excited than them for every job, because that’s what you always wanted to.  Imagine the sea beach, and drawing in the cool breeze watching the sunset, and still making money.  Best job in the world one can think of !!!

If You Can Write:

If you are a passionate writer, again, the internet may well be where you thrive and develop your talent, whilst earning money. There are endless options here, so it really is a brilliant skill to have and make the most of. One way in which you can make money, in the long term, is blogging. If you have a unique viewpoint and style and a specific niche to write about, you are on to a winner.



A Passionate Writer


The more specific market the better, this is how you cultivate followers. When you attain followers, you can start hosting relevant advertisements on your page and will be paid a good sum for them! Further, if your niche is vegan restaurant reviews for example and you have attained a good amount of readers over time, restaurants will potentially pay you to review them – not to mention the free food!

Long-term, employers for editorial works may even enjoy your insights so much that they want to print your reviews on a long-term basis. Depending on your style here and strength of content, dreams of one day working for prestigious channels such as Kartikeya Sharma of India News may not be so far away after all!

To continue, as a writer the option of creating and publishing an online Ebook, perhaps for the Kindle store, is a great way to earn money online, doing what you love. Some may say this is the best way a writer can earn money online but maintain complete control and artistic free reign as you are literally your own boss.

Once you’ve chosen the subject there a number of key things that will help your ebook to stand out and earn you money online. For instance, make sure the cover is good and grabs the attention of potential readers. First impressions are important. Further, price your eBook reasonably.

If you are a new, unknown author the best way to get people interested besides the description is a low price to reel them in. Thirdly, promotion; promote by whatever means necessary and this, again, is something easily done in this day and age on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and personal blogging networks are all useful tools here.

Here is a helpful youtube tutorial which can help you in more detail with creating an Ebook to earn online:



If You’re A Photographer:

The last method I’m going to talk about is making money as a photographer online. Not only is the web an easy way to promote yourself as a freelance photographer, but selling stock photographs is a really easy way to earn money online.

Firstly, make sure you have copyright sale rights for any photographs you alter, copy or sell. Then, depending on your professional level or style, you can choose which online platform to use. If you consider yourself an experienced professional, good websites to use include Getty Images and Corbis, amongst others.



A Photographer


However, if you are less experienced but still believe your work has the potential to earn you money online, then websites such as, or even are good options for you to use.

Once you’ve understood the upload requirements and your photos are uploaded, you’re ready to make some money from your photographs and if you can utilise social media to promote them further then your chances are even greater!

Another good tip is to make sure you adequately tag and section your photo style so that potential buyers can find you via their required style. Such as the filtering options I have highlighted in the below screenshot from the Shutterstock website.



screenshot from the Shutterstock website


Good Luck!

Now you know few of the tricks you need to begin earning money online, your way. The golden age of the internet means the choice to make a living whilst fulfilling your creative passions is a dream more accessible than ever before. If you don’t have access to the best computer you could even try most of these options using a Smartphone or tablet. What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and live your life to the fullest.  It’s the days you live that count, not the days in the years.


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