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What’s the Best Camcorder for YouTube Based on Your Needs?

First things first, a camcorder is indeed the most important piece of equipment you would probably need when it comes to vlogging, or recording videos for a site like YouTube.

However, when it comes to choosing the right one, it may turn out to be way more challenging than it seems. It’s not just due to the wide range of options out there, but also the different features you may need.

However, this article may help you take most of the guesswork out of the game, by sharing some really useful tips with you that will help you choose the best camcorder for YouTube, or vlogging for that matter, based on your needs.

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So with that said, let’s cut to the chase and go through the important factors you need to know about while choosing a camcorder.


No Best Camcorder!


Well, yes, there really does not seem to be any “best” camcorder out there. We mean, there are thousands of them out there, but there still certainly doesn’t seem to be one that you can just pick and say it’s the best one.

No, not even the most expensive camcorder out there would qualify as the best camcorder, at least not in our opinion. It just depends! It depends on what you’re looking for, and hence no one camcorder is going to be best for everyone.



Someone who’s into studio recording might find one of the most expensive camcorders out there as the best one for them. However, some other person who’s more into vlogging on YouTube by posting videos of different places they travel to, may find even a fairly basic but rugged camcorder as their best companion.

That being said, you really need to figure out what you’re exactly into and what are your needs going to be. It’s indeed one of the first steps of the process of finding the best camcorder for your needs.


Video Quality


Unlike while going for a general digital camera, the image quality isn’t going to matter much when it comes to choosing the best camcorder for YouTube. It’s obviously because YouTube is a video site, and while you can make a video with different slides, they usually don’t do that well on there.


best cameras for youtube


With that out of the way, let us tell you that the first thing regarding the video quality that you need to keep in mind is the resolution. YouTube has a feature that automatically lowers the quality of the video it’s being streamed in, depending on the speed of the internet of the users watching your video.

Hence, you may want to have a good idea of your potential target audience. If they are from a country like the USA and not some kids, they can probably afford standard high speed internet and hence you can consider uploading videos that are 1080p. It’s also probably the most popular quality most users like watching in, and hence a must unless you’re just uploading videos for fun and not very serious about it.


Sound Quality


Even with the best clarity and resolution, and even the content, your videos may turn out to be far from being impressive if the sound quality is poor. Ideally, you would want to get a camcorder that allows an external mic. Most do come with them anyway, though there may be some very cheap ones that don’t.


best cameras for youtube videos


There are also some that come with a wireless option that works using the Bluetooth. However, it may not be needed in most cases and may take the cost up a bit.

As for professions that need very clear, high-quality sound, a DSLR camera that supports a certain type of microphones that you can mount on the camera may work pretty well.

For indoor videos, those clip-on mics may turn out to be more than enough, and they are pretty cheap too.


Interchangeable Lenses


Similarly, if you want to take the video quality up a notch, you may want to go for a camcorder that comes with interchangeable lenses. Sure, it may cost you a bomb, especially if you go for a high-end product, it’s what you may need if you’re into some serious vlogging stuff.

Depending on the quality of the lens, they can offer you a significantly better zoom range, something that can make all the difference for someone who’s into travel vlogging, or shooting videos of different places.


Interchangeable Lenses for youtube cameras


Similarly, interchangeable lenses may also offer a better autofocus, which can again be quite useful, especially for beginner vloggers.




As mentioned above, while good autofocus may be helpful for beginners, it’s not something that would interest most professionals out there. It’s primarily due to the fact that you can only get so good using autofocus. It’s actually the manual focus what helps you shoot videos that may end up wowing your audience.

However, depending on your use, using autofocus may be fine too. You would usually also get a camcorder with good autofocus at a reasonably cheap price. On the other hand, if you want a great control over your shooting that manual focus allows, you may want to shell out considerably more.


Whether to Go for 4k or Not?


Well, it’s also one of the important factors nowadays, especially given that unlike the 3D, 4k is turning out to be real and may stick around for longer than you can think. In fact, some of the best cameras for YouTube videos seem to be those that come with 4k capabilities.


cameras youtubers use


While most cameras YouTubers use aren’t 4k, a growing number of users seem to be making the shift. However, you may also want to note that 4k can be quite expensive, and hence you need to find out whether it’s really going to be worth it for you.

Again, we can’t really offer a clear suggestion here as it would come down to your audience. Perhaps your audience would want to shift to 4k videos soon if they are teenagers or tech savvy people, but not as much if they fall under an older age-group and just looking for quality, useful and valuable content.


A Final Word

There actually seem to be many good video cameras for YouTube out there. However, which one of them turn out to be the best for you may depend on quite a few factors, including the ones mentioned above.


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