What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online From Home?

Well, we know that many of you may believe it to be a myth, but it’s really possible to make money online. It isn’t easy by any means, though. It takes hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude. You either need to treat it like a real business, if you are working for yourself or your own projects, or a job, if you are working for others.

The problem with most people trying to make money online is that they never really take it seriously. They would work seriously to grow their business or get promoted at the workplace, but when it comes to Internet marketing or making money online doing anything for that matter, they think success is going to come easy.

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Making money online maybe easy to a certain extent, but it’s definitely not when you start out. With experience (which is usually only gained best through failures and testing), you are probably sure to discover what’s working best for you, and stick to it and grow it. Following this may help you make even a full-time income online, and if you are really lucky and a very fast leaner, you may start making more than even your full-time job or business.

For this to happen, however, you need to work on genuine methods to make money online. If you believe paying a few thousand bucks to a survey website that claims to be a huge survey company and promises to help you earn hundreds an hour filling out surveys can make you rich, Internet marketing probably isn’t for you. It’s important to be clever enough to be able to distinguish the genuine opportunities from the scams.

With that said, we will now be taking a look at 5 such highly genuine ways of making money online. Before we get to them, however, let us mention that the level of success you achieve using them entirely depends on various factors. Some of the most important ones are:

Your dedication and patience

Usually, those trying to make money online don’t get any results for at least a few months. This is obviously a very hard period to go through, and makes most of the people who try give up on whatever they are doing.

However, usually, it’s this few months experience that helps them learn and understand doing things the right way, and finding a genuinely profitable method that works for them. Hence, dedication and patience is the key while trying to make money online, and if you can’t be patient through the hard period, you can probably never be successful at making money online.

Understanding your skills

It’s believed that it’s best to start out with a method that you can relate yourself to. If you are a programmer, looking for online programming jobs may turn out to be a great first step. On the contrary, if you try working as a professional content writer despite being a programmer by occupation, things may take long to start working in your favor.



Willingness to learn

There’s a lot to learn if you want to make an amount of money consistently that you can write home about. Trying to cut corners and somehow making a few bucks just isn’t going to cut it in the long run. You need to learn things and make them work for you in order to build a consistent income stream for you in the long term.

Kartikeya Sharma iTV can probably be your inspiration when it comes to learning about the Internet world and using it to your advantage. A major name in the media industry, he has now also managed to build a huge digital empire, which will probably help boost his future ventures even in the other industries he ventures into.

Genuine ways to make money online

Getting straight to the point, here are 3 highly genuine ways to make money online.


We know you have probably heard a lot about freelancing already, but maybe, you haven’t heard about some of the most important things you are going to discover now.

Freelancing has always been a great opportunity for newbies trying to make money online. It helps them develop their skills, and understand what they enjoy doing and/or are really good at.




There seem to be some very genuine and big freelancing platforms out there. We will be talking about some of the most popular ones.


Many Indians, and people from a wide range of countries, sell services on Fiverr to make a little extra income online. Now although you can actually make more than just a little extra income, it’s not really possible for everyone to do, unless you are a real expert at something.


Usually, services are sold for $5 on the site, and you get to keep $4 per gig, $1 being taken by the site as its commission.

However, there is a fierce competition on the site in almost all the popular categories. There are ways to beat it to a certain extent, too, though. Firstly, you need to make sure your gig description and title are very impressive and convincing. You also need to include the targeted keywords wherever possible.

You can then send private messages to the buyers of your competitors’ gigs. Fiverr seems to be getting very stringent on this as of late, though, so we aren’t sure how effectively you may be able to do this.

When you start getting orders, you need to offer a great customer support, always over-deliver, and deliver well ahead of the deadline. This will help you get repeat clients and get your gigs more exposure.


It’s a contract-based freelancing site. The site simply provides a platform to connect clients and freelancers. You can do a wide range of jobs, including content writing, programming, coding, SEO tasks, working as a virtual assistant for someone, and so on.


UpWork - Make Money


Having a portfolio of your previous work seems to be vital in getting clients. However, once you start getting them, you need to do everything mentioned in the above point for getting repeat clients and a better reputation on the site.

Other sites

There are also several other freelancing sites, but the above two seem to be the most genuine and popular ones. However, if you can write great content in English, here are some other options:

  • LIstverse: Pays $100 for every 1,500 words article that it approves.
  • TopTenz: Pays $50 for every post the site’s editors like and approve. The posts need to be of at least 1,500 words.
  • A List Apart: They pay a staggering $200 for every post they approve, but it seems incredibly difficult to meet their quality standards.
  • International Living: If you are an experienced traveler and got great writing skills, you have a pretty good chance of getting approved to write for the site. You will be paid $75 per approved post.

Selling products online

Online shopping has simply revolutionized the way people shop, and hence offers a great opportunity to make money selling your products online.

The below given are two of the most popular sites you can use for selling your products online.


There’s absolutely no doubting the genuineness of Amazon. It’s the biggest online retailer in the world and offers you an opportunity to sell to its huge customer base.

Make Money through Amazon

It has also a process to help its sellers sell in a hassle-free way, known as the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). What this means is you simply list your products on the site, and at the same time, send a few of them each to Amazon. Whenever someone buys your product, Amazon will ship it on its own, and you will simply be given the sale price after deducting its commission.


Many people seem to be making a bank selling their products on eBay. In fact, many even seem to be selling others’ products on the site. They may simply be buying offline for a low price, and selling at a premium on eBay.

Earn Online - eBay


Well, this method definitely takes a lot of time to start making you any money, but when it does, it can make you quite a bit of money on almost auto-pilot, meaning that you don’t even have to work much and you will still keep making money consistently.



After you have put in months or probably even years of hard work into building your own authority blog, you can monetize it in the following ways.

Sponsored ads

There seem to be many Internet marketers out there who are interested in buying ad space on popular blogs related to their niche. You can reach out to them and make quite a bit of money selling ad space on your blog.

Affiliate marketing

You can start promoting related products from Amazon or other affiliate networks on your blog. For every sale you get to the seller, you will be paid a commission.

Flipping your blog

Well, if your blog is getting a considerable amount of traffic and in a niche that offers monetizing opportunities, you can definitely flip it through sites like Flippa. Usually, a popular and established blog will sell for quite a high price.


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