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Online jobs are very good for disabled people, stay-at-home moms and people who already have another full time job. At first, you will not earn too much money, but don’t be discouraged, because these jobs take time and don’t require any investments. Make money without making a loss, and be sure that if you put enough effort in performing these jobs, you can start earning more money and build your new career.


How to Make Money online from your Knowledge
How to Earn extra money online from home with your knowledge

1. Customer service/ support is a stress-free online job

This job differs from other online jobs, because it is an hourly job and has a fixed priced salary. Many other online jobs that you start doing as a hobby can become a full time job, however, this is a job that cannot be done in a few hours. Customer service is perfect for a person that is unemployed, who wants to work a stress-free job and is available to work 8 hours daily.

 All you need in order to successfully perform your tasks is a headset, a desktop computer or a laptop and a peaceful working environment. The requirements for this job are answering calls and helping customers find what they want to buy. There are various call centers that hire people for these positions, and some of them even require working from your office.

Customer service

However, the customer service position that is done from home, means working for a company that does the majority of their work via their website. This differs from working in a call center, because you aren’t required to only answer the calls, but also to respond to emails and chat with customers on the website. Moreover, if the website has the option for posting questions and comments, you’ll need to answer them. Whether you are chatting or answering the calls, your tone needs to be friendly all the time, as well as calm and professional.

Don’t confuse this job with a virtual assistant and a social media consultant, because virtual assistants answers emails from clients, with whom they are cooperating, whereas customer service answers emails from customers that have some additional questions or issues. A social media consultant deals only with social networks and doesn’t post any updates on the company’s website.

2. Like watching YouTube videos? Start vlogging immediately.

Video blogging or vlogging is making interesting videos on various topics and posting them on YouTube. They can present some of your opinions on fashion, fitness, sport, society, or present your daily life. Also, you can do various tutorials and books or newest technology reviews. There are many possibilities for your vlog, so before you start doing anything, brainstorm and decide on your unique topic. In order to get some ideas, you can look at videos of famous vloggers on YouTube.

Video blogging

  • User name – you need to come up with a cool and interesting name, which is catchy and not complicated – don’t include numbers and random letters in your account name.
  • Make a few videos – you need to make a few videos in advance and edit them. If you don’t know how to edit them, there are many tutorials on using simple programs such as Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie for Mac users, which are preinstalled on your device.
  • Post your video as a video response – In order to be visible to other YouTube users, you need to post your videos as a response to related popular channels. This will give you more viewers and a higher possibility to go viral.

When it comes to earning money by vlogging, you need to have a couple of thousand views and apply to become a YouTube partner. When you become a partner, YouTube will allow displaying ads on your videos and you will start earning money. Moreover, you’ll start appearing more often in search results, which will give you the opportunity to broaden your audience. Because of that, you mustn’t neglect posting videos, because you’ll lose many followers.

Keep on making videos, and provide your followers with feedback. This way, you’ll know what you need to change or improve, and they will certainly appreciate your effort.

3. Become a translator

Make Online

If you know more than one language, and even if you have never translated before, you can pursue this career. People across India know both the Hindi and English language, but not everyone knows the grammar and has a skill to translate legal documents, essays and literary works. You can find work on websites such as Elance, Freelancer, and other. Make an account, include your portfolio and write all the languages you know. Your first job may be low paid, but don’t let that discourage you, because if you do a good job, your client will recommend you and write a great review. Soon, you’ll have more clients and you’ll start earning more money.

Being a translator is a perfect job for anyone who doesn’t like sitting in front of their computer for 8 or more hours. You can organize your time according to your obligations and deadline, and perform your job from any location. Travel and work at the same time – you can even work while being on the bus, train or in a car. If you love languages and translating then this job is perfect for you, because it isn’t stressful and demanding, but you can earn a good salary.

4. Proofreading position is for all grammar lovers

If you are a grammar expert in the field of languages such as Hindi, English and other, you can earn money by proofreading various documents, papers, articles, and even books. Making money online for people who like correcting grammar of others when speaking or writing, has become easier and proofreading is definitely their vocation.

Except for websites such as Elance and Freelancer, you can search for different websites that provide services such as proofreading, and apply for a position. If you make an account on Elance or Freelancer, you’ll be able to choose your jobs and have an opportunity to earn more.


On the other hand, websites which offer proofreading services will probably determine the fixed salary and you might not be able to earn more. However, you will have a steady job. Make a cup of tea, sit in a comfortable environment, play some music and enjoy turning paragraphs into art.

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